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Parker Selbert



Oban - Initially Paused

In the queue-pause saga, did you know you can start a queue in the paused state? Passing `paused: true` as a queue option prevents the queue from processing jobs when it starts.
# In a blue-green deployment, it may be necessary to start queues when the node
# boots yet prevent them from processing jobs until the node is rotated into
# use.
config :my_app, Oban,
  queues: [
    mailer: 10,
    alpha: [limit: 10, paused: true],
    gamma: [limit: 10, paused: true],
    omega: [limit: 10, paused: true]

# Once the app boots, tell each queue to resume processing:
for queue <- [:alpha, :gamma, :omega] do
  Oban.resume_queue(queue: queue)

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